A quick guide to your eco friendly yoga essentials.

By GymPro

GymPro Yoga

 After the successful launch of our initial yoga mat design, made from 100% recycled children’s toys. We have now decided to upgrade our yoga mats and accessories to bring to you a complete range of yoga essentials!

 100% Recycled Materials

 Staying on track in our quest for both longevity in life and in our planet. We are so excited to introduce our new 100% recycled yoga mats in beautiful pastel pink, pastel blue, satin white, and black. All with striking gold silk printed branding and alignment patterning.kk 

Luxury Base Layer

Our yoga mats have 5mm base which allows for pain free practice on ankles and elbows. The vast majority of the market provide a 3-4 mm base which doesn’t sound that much of a difference but when you initially carry, then roll, then feel our new mats we guarantee you’ll see the benefits of the thicker base of our new luxury eco mats.

Non Slip Surface

Other than the gold waterproof silk printed branding and alignment patterning, our yoga mats are completely non slip and provide a secure platform for your workouts. Even during hot yoga sessions. Allowing for a strong, confident practice.

 Planet Friendly

Our yoga mats are made from a combination of recycled PU and Natural Rubber which are extremely durable and will last for the vast majority of yoga journeys with the correct after care. But what is great to know is that should you eventually wish to dispose of them. They are also biodegradable and will have broken down in normal landfill environments within 1-2 years. Bringing you that peace of mind for our beautiful planet.

 Yoga Bag

The all new luxury yoga mat bag with repeat GymPro logo branding comes in both black and graphite colourways. Its made from 100% recycled Oxford Cotton material and is extremely lightweight and durable. Complete with fully adjustable shoulder strap and two external storage pockets for easy access to your water bottle, phone, wallet and other essentials.

Yoga strap

Made from 100% recycled cotton the new grey yoga strap with gympro branding can be used as both a carry strap or as a stretching aid. Allowing further support in deeper stretches and binds. The buckles allow for easy adjustment in any pose.

 Yoga Block

Along side our new yoga mat range we have our new support block. Made from 100% recycled cork material its naturally non slip and durable aswell as environmentally friendly. Its shape allows for 3 different height options for custom support.

 Hip Bands

To help increase the intensity of your workouts alongside your yoga practice we have launched our resistance band bundle. Made from 100% recycled latex and cotton they are perfect for sculpting the lower body and the environment. 3 different levels of resistance will allow you more variety as you increase the strength level.

So what are you waiting for? Your body and the planet will thankyou for starting your journey with GymPro!



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