About Us


Introducing GymPro Apparel

GymPro is a new and exciting sports apparel company. It is the brainchild of two firefighters, Adam Rai and Leon Judge who were members of the West Midlands Fire Service.

Attendees at Beachfit 2020

Our Story

They served their community for more than 15 years raising awareness, fighting fires and saving lives but it was through their common interest in the welfare of others, the health, wellbeing and rigorous fitness required to do their job that ignited the spark that became GymPro.

Our Vision

To push the boundaries of products, experiences and services in the sports, fitness and health industry. Through sport,fitness & health we believe we can bring people together and change lives.

Release the Athlete Within#GYMPRO

About Us

GymPro Apparel was established in 2016, founded by two fitness loving fire fighters from the West Midlands. Born from the passion that these two had for a fit and healthy lifestyle, from cooking, training, competing and helping to inspire others GymPro Apparel was born.

Here to inspire

Leon & Adam wanted to inspire and teach others about the benefits physically and mentally from living a healthy lifestyle and the impact it could have on their lives and the people around them.

Adam & Leon believe that by launching a fitness lifestyle brand it will help them connect with like minded people and help them achieve their true potential.

Through GymPro Apparel we can also support professional athletes who are trying to break through and reach the top in their chosen sport, it gives us great pleasure in helping people along their journey and seeing their hard work and dedication pay off. This is a big passion and focus in our journey within fitness and sport.

Release the Athlete Within#GYMPRO

Attendees at Beachfit 2020

Inspire and teach others about the benefits physically and mentally from living a healthy lifestyle

- Leon Judge, Owner & Founder