All roads lead to our gut.

By GymPro
All Roads Lead To Our Gut
It seems never ending doesn’t it? Our groundhog day lives have sunk to nothing more than waking, eating and sleeping. Combined with an overloading pressure of demoralising and depressing information about what we should be worried about if we want to do this, or go there or visit them!
 How do we decipher what we should be listening to? How do we remain in that positive mind frame we all know we should be maintaining? How do we stay fit and healthy? And more importantly, how do we stay away from the chocolate digestives we know are in there just above the microwave!?!
 Well good news is, at GymPro we make it our relentless pursuit to bringing our GymPro Community our weekly dose of important information. And this weeks focus is on our gut. No not the bit that’s overhanging our waistbands. But inside our gut.
 The more research and investigation done on literally anything to do with human health. The more it leads back to our guts. Literally from immune system to metabolism to energy to skin health to brain function, anything!!!!! ALL ROADS LEAD TO OUR GUT.
So what does this mean and how do we affect it and keep it in tip top shape? How do we optimise it and super charge our guts?
 Well, believe it or not its all about bacteria. And it begins with the seasons. We all have our favourite foods that we feel we cant live without. But if we can start to chose our fruit and vegetables that are in season, this has huge impact on the levels of healthy bacteria and can produce a whooping 30% increase in gut microbiome diversity. A quality, no less, linked to increased energy levels, improved mental health and metabolism.
 In fact studies show that lean men and women have 70% more gut bacteria than their overweight peers! So resist the temptation to keep buying imported regularity and make the switch to seasonal produce. Your gut will thankyou for it.
 Weve found the 10 best probiotic foods to add to your diet.
  1. SauerKraut – fermented cabbage
  2. Green olives – rich in gut friendly bacteria
  3. Natto -  Japenese fermented soyabeans
  4. Miso – Japanese paste
  5. Kombucha – Chinese black tea
  6. Kimchi – Korean fermented cabbage
  7. Tempeh – fermented soyabeans
  8. Yoghurt – rich in probiotics
  9. Kefir- rich in probiotics
  10. Soft mature cheese – rich in probiotics
 Heres some links we've attached to help you choose what’s in season right now.