By GymPro

An Introduction to Baby Yoga

At GymPro we’re not leaving anyone out during this difficult time at home. We wanted to introduce to you a gentle baby yoga class by the amazing Bloomingful Births.

Let's introduce you to Tammy, owner and founder of Bloomingful Births.

“Hi, I have been working with women and their families for over 13 years. Helping and supporting them through birth and beyond. Not only am I passionate and dedicated to providing a variety of support and guidance to expectant, new mothers. I am also a mom myself. I have three wonderful girls and my own experiences were what started me on this incredibly fulfilling journey in a role I love!”

Tammy specialises in many areas tailored to you every need.

  • Doula support: Pregnancy, Birth, Postnatal and Feeding
  • Pregnancy Massage and Reflexology
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Classes
  • Mom and Baby Classes: Yoga, Massage and Reflexology
  • Placenta Remedies


Tammy owner of Bloomingful Births 

Mom and baby yoga is a fun relaxed class designed for postnatal moms and babies. combining simple yoga and some basic baby massage. It is a perfect opportunity to meet other moms and babies and a great way to get back into exercise. Our bodies undergo huge changes during pregnancy and childbirth, therefore the class is very relaxed and you are encouraged to go at your own pace.

Postnatal Yoga concentrates on exercises for postnatal recovery of the mother.  Suitable from 4-6 weeks after birth. Particular attention is paid to toning and strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominals.  Muscle tension arising from feeding or carrying babies is alleviated by specific stretches which release and open the back and shoulders. Spinal and pelvic alignment exercises help improve posture and ease lots of the common aches and pains of new mums. Postnatal yoga classes are very relaxed and flexible, and as babies often have their own ideas, we adapt things to meet everybody’s needs. The relaxation can help Mums to feel refreshed and energised.


Baby yoga provides the stimulation of touch and movement, as well as the benefits of deep relaxation. The series of sequences encourage flexibility and bring balance and harmony to the body systems. Each movement supports the baby’s individual development, strengthening the physical body and maintaining flexibility. Tactile stimulation contributes to the development of the brain and the nervous system. Baby yoga can help to settle babies and to improve sleep patterns. The movements and massage will aid digestion and give relief to colicky babies. Yoga will promote normal healthy growth preventing many problems from occurring.

During class, we will combine both the postnatal yoga and baby yoga to create a unique bonding experience for you both.

Some key benefits for Mum

  • Helps regain strength and improve posture
  • Tones abdominal muscles and pelvic floor
  • Nurture yourself whilst spending time with baby
  • Deep relaxation
  • Some key benefits for baby
  • Strengthens and aids development
  • Improves sleeping patterns
  • Aids digestion
  • Enhances interaction and strengthens mom n baby bond 

What to bring/wear

 For yourself some comfy workout clothes and for baby, a loose sleepsuit is best. Bring a yoga mat for yourself and a blanket for baby, and also your usual changing bag! You will also need to bring a drink, staying hydrated is important especially if you are breastfeeding.

How long is a class?

Class last around 1 hour but please remember babies don’t always stick to our agenda so you may spend the lesson feeding! Babies are our main priority in class and I will do my best to adapt and work around each and every one of you.

We really hope you enjoyed taking part in our live classes on Facebook this week. We will hopefully be bringing you more classes from Tammy to keep you feeling energised and, most importantly, connected together with your loved ones.

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