New & Improved Rai Seamless Set V2.0

By GymPro

At GymPro, as you know, we like to think of ourselves as the brand that listens aswell as innovates. With the hugely successful first launch of our Rai Collection just over 2 years ago it has been, by far our greatest range to date.
From our pop up tour we gathered huge amounts of information and customer feedback on what you guys really wanted from your gymwear, and more importantly, what brands were still getting wrong and missing today.
This led to the birth of the Rai seamless range. With its ultra supportive high waistband to its unique supportive material blend it answered many of the desires women wanted from their leggings. It helped smooth out the silhouette around the hips and bum aswell as lower abdomen. This created a real complimentary shape and high end look and feel.
However despite these advancements and features we still received some feedback such as, ‘they re a little long in the leg for me’ ‘the front and back centre seam doesn’t compliment my shape’ and ‘the soft material feels great but has caught on my clothing’.
This, customer driven feedback, led us to try and make them even better. And so, Rai V2.0 has now been released. With advancements such as,


  • No side waistband seams to prevent digging in.
  • No front and back centre seams to compliment any pelvic shape.
  • Reduced leg length by 1.5 inches.
  • Improved material blend to prevent pulls.
  • Improved gloss branding to withstand more washes.
  • Increased side body height on bra for a more secure fit and feel.
Sometimes it can be little adjustments that really make the difference in our clothing. Especially our gymwear that we are wearing more and more in our daily lives and not just for working out. The crossover from our worklife to our leisure activities to our workouts is getting more and more blurred.
At GymPro, we will continue to take on board our customer feedback in our quest to produce the most stylish, multi functional clothing in the market today.
We hope you love them.
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