By GymPro

Cosy, stylish and different. The GymPro Longline Hoodie bringing fashion, sport and comfort together.

We launched the Longline in November 2017 and we expected it to be a popular piece, but we did not anticipate the demand it has created, with its cool eye-catching colours and detail, and its unusual detailed back and high side zips. It’s definitely a show stopper.



It’s a hoodie that makes you stand out in a crowd, it keeps you warm to and from the gym or it can just be warn for its cosy snug feel, ideal for your rest days.

The Longline Hoodie sold out in 2 months and is now unfortunately out of stock. We can’t thank you enough for the love and support you have shown us towards our design. We can’t wait to return the love. We are currently in production with a new Longline Hoodie and we are introducing a new colour to compliment the nude and black versions we currently have, we are also bringing out a Longline Hoodie for men, so they too can stand out from the crowd.



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Be sure to let us know your thoughts on our Longline hoodie and what future colours you would like to see.