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The New GymPro Sweat Suit

The New GymPro Sweat Suit

Gone are the days of the bin bag or plain boring sweat suits, GymPro are about to to change the game with the launch of their new technical sweat suit.

A flash, stylish design with a light weight engineered fabric that has being innovated to provide comfort and maximum heat retention to aid weight loss, reduce injury risk and increase muscular hypertrophy.
Our suit has being designed so it is easy to put on and take off when sweating.  The hood feature offers increased heat retention and has a sealed inner so it fits comfortably and and seals to the skin.  The technical fabric is also water resistant and the seat top serves as a great running top during those wet runs.

Release date:  29th June.


A sauna suit, also known as a sweat suit or a plastic suit, is a garment designed to promote excessive sweating during workouts or physical activities. While sauna suits can have certain benefits for weight loss and water weight manipulation, they may not be the most effective or sustainable approach for fighters. Here are some potential benefits and considerations:

1.  Temporary weight loss: Sauna suits can help fighters temporarily shed water weight by inducing profuse sweating. This weight loss is primarily due to fluid loss and can be quickly regained by rehydration. It may be useful for meeting weight requirements before a weigh-in, but it should not be relied upon as a long-term strategy.

2.  Warm-up and increased body temperature: Wearing a sauna suit can raise body temperature, which may help fighters warm up their muscles more quickly. This can be beneficial for enhancing flexibility and reducing the risk of injury during training sessions or fights.

 3. Mental toughness and discipline: Training in a sauna suit can be physically demanding and mentally challenging. It may help fighters develop mental toughness and discipline by pushing through discomfort and fatigue. However, it's essential to balance this with the risk of overheating or dehydration.

4.  Limited impact on fat loss: While sauna suits can contribute to temporary weight loss, the majority of the weight lost is water, not fat. Long-term fat loss requires a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sustainable lifestyle habits. Relying solely on a sauna suit for weight loss is not recommended.

5.  Risks and considerations: Wearing a sauna suit can lead to excessive sweating and dehydration if not used with caution. It's crucial to stay hydrated and be aware of the body's signals for overheating. Prolonged use or improper use of sauna suits can pose health risks and should be avoided.

 In summary, while sauna suits offer many benefits such as water weight loss and warming up muscles quickly, they should be used judiciously and not relied upon as a primary weight management strategy. Fighters should focus on a well-rounded approach that includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, and appropriate weight management techniques under the guidance of qualified professionals.


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