By GymPro

Bodypower UK is fast approaching and we are pumped to be making our debut at this year’s event. It didn't take much of a conversation for us to decide that GymPro Apparel had to be present at one of the world’s biggest fitness conventions. We saw this as an opportunity to be amongst some great brands and great athletes and to put our own stamp on the fitness industry.

We have left no stone unturned to ensure that we bring the GymPro experience to Bodypower. We have joined up with some amazing athletes and we can’t wait for you to meet them to share your fitness experiences and learn about theirs.




This American (born of Puerto Rican and Mexican parents) is a Los Angeles resident making big waves in the fashion, film and fitness industries. After modelling at LA Fashion Week for Michael Costello, Mario has featured in numerous catalogues, campaigns and fashion shows. Mario is looking forward to making his first appearance in the fitness industry and is excited to meet with his fans.



A real performer and all round athlete, Kate made her name at this year’s Arnolds becoming the 2017 amateur fitness champion. Kate is currently preparing for the Europeans where again she hopes to take that number 1 spot and bring another trophy home. Kate took massive inspiration from glute goddess, Amanda Latona, Kate loved her up beat, fun attitude and her gorgeous muscular yet super feminine physique. Those who know Kate and have seen her Instagram videos know this is what Kate is all about. Kate loves seeing people’s unique journeys and the transformations some people make and she looks forward to being a part of these journeys at Bodypower.



At 33 Dragos became Romania’s first WBFF Pro. Dragos was a keen sportsman and after tasting life on the stage he knew that is where his passion was. Dragos spent 2014 training intensely to bring the best package he could to the stage. In 2015 Dragos competed at WABBA International Hercules Olympia. The hours and days he put into the gym paid off, and he walked away with the trophy. He had smashed his aim of winning his first competition and he wasn’t done yet. Dragos greatest accomplishment of his career so far was winning the WBFF London in May. This victory was the culmination of his journey, where he become Romania’s first WBFF Pro. Since then Dragos has appeared on front covers on fitness and muscle magazines and has become well established in the fitness modelling world. Dragos looks forward to meeting his fans and sharing his knowledge and experience so be sure to come grab a photo and say hi.



Jade attended BodyPower in May 2015, and from that moment she knew that she wanted to inspire others the way she was inspired that day by some of the athletes she had met. She truly believed that there is nothing more important than looking after your body, so from that moment she began her fitness journey. Jade spent hours researching the best training and nutritional methods, and decided she wanted to enter a fitness competition with the WBFF. Jade dedicated her time to the gym and it paid off; she stepped on stage at the WBFF UK show in May 2016 and won 1st place and her WBFF Pro Card. From here Jades journey has been a whirlwind – Signing her first sponsorship contract with the global supplement brand BPI Sports, making her WBFF Pro debut at their 10-year anniversary World Finals in Toronto and opening her own beauty and cosmetic store. Jade always looks to inspire others and cannot wait to meet with her fans and share their experiences.


So, these are athletes representing GymPro at this year’s body power make sure you come and say hi, share your stories, learn about theirs and come checkout the GymPro brand and join our family.