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Mimi-Isabella Cesar – I have been doing gymnastics ever since I can remember I started as a tumble tot enjoying exploring the gym. I then moved into competitive regional level artistic gymnastics. At a young age

I remember telling my coach that it was my dream to be an Olympic Gymnast – she proceeded to tell me that I wasn’t good enough and that I would never make it! Determination is my middle name and I carried on competing undeterred.

The moment I saw rhythmic gymnastics it took my breath away! It was so beautiful, elegant and effortless to watch. The day I watched that ribbon routine was the day my life changed forever.



For a child that could only crawl backwards with little skill in co-ordination you would think rhythmic gymnastics was not the best sporting route to follow, but like I said determination is my middle name and I worked so hard to master the sport. I was soon talented spotted and progressed through regional, national and international stages competing at World Cups, World Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

People might wonder why I would want to spend 36 hours a week in a gymnasium training for just 90 seconds on the competition carpet. My answer to that is I LOVE the sport I am so passionate about being the change in rhythmic gymnastics in the UK. I want to inspire the next generation of sports stars, in any sport that they might chose, I want to show them that even when the going gets tough dreams can come true. I champion rhythmic gymnastics for making me the young women I am today and I wouldn’t have my journey through this sport any other way. I believe that my time is now! I am Mimi Cesar and I will not give up on my dream!



Personal saying: If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough!

A person who inspires me: Every single person that has invested in my gymnastics career. They have all taught me to be the best version of myself I am very honoured to be surrounded by amazing people and it inspires me daily to get up and work hard on achieving my dreams.

Favourite Meal: Pizzaaaaaaa

In my gym bag you will find: My ribbon, clubs and ball, music for my 4 routines, my gym shoes, physio tape, physio equipment, protein bar, training diary

Favourite Routine: I love performing my clubs routine it is very intense and I love to hold the judges and audience in the palm of my hands when I am performing.

On my rest day: I always try to have a lie in so my body is fully recovered but then I love to spend my time with family and friends shopping, brunching and coffee dates.

My motivation comes from: Knowing I have so much more to give and feeling the passion for the sport after seeing the hard work pay off.


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