GymPro exists to embody a certain mindset in every individual on the planet. This mindset if harnessed, and sharpened can become your most formidable asset both inside and outside the sporting environment.

During our 17 years as firemen in West Midlands Fire Service, Leon and I already had touched on this and our subconscious minds were drawn to a career of service, working within the community, helping people and if necessary, saving lives. But it went deeper. We knew we thought differently. We were drawn to each other and to other people with a certain mindset.
We all know people, friends and family and even colleagues who maintain or choose a positive mindset every day despite their adversities. Who remain stoic in their daily lives and pursuits. Who apply themselves passionately, with discipline and consistency. Who adopt change and evolve with ease when the situation arises or when called upon.



This is what GymPro stands for. This is what we believe can be harnessed and worked on. This is what we are drawn to as individuals. And this is what we see in every successful athlete and individual on the planet. It doesn’t matter what field you are in, this professional mindset is what separates success and failure. The ability to pass from one failure to the next without loss of enthusiasm or belief is what ultimately results in a success.


This philosophy we bring to our brand and strive to embody in our products. To listen to like minded individuals and help and enhance their goals and performance. 
We also understand how beautiful the human body is. What a wonderful gift it is to receive. If you respect it enough it can achieve wonderous heights. It all starts with the right thought process. The right mindset.
You are amazing. We are GymPro.