By GymPro

We at GymPro understand the modern-day struggle we all face. Managing our work-life balance seems even more difficult. Even though we are all aware of its importance, it seems more and more distant and harder to get right.

All we see and hear about is the rise of mental health issues and the detrimental effect this can have on our bodies. So in response to this, we have launched our Holistic Recovery Centre to reverse these effects and to reignite the harmony between our mind and body.

We believe we have found the perfect location. Less than an hours flight away and tucked in the French countryside, we have the exclusive rights to run our retreats and provide that luxury, intimate environment we all need from time to time.



Our first experience was a luxury yoga retreat. We teamed up with Asher Yoga who took our guests on a journey to reconnect their mind and body and to allow our guests to reset. Our guests ranged from total beginners to experienced yogis. From accountants to teachers, but the connection felt between everyone was special, and we felt truly blessed to witness friendships blossom.



Our head instructor Terrie took our guests on several mindfulness experiences that helped everyone clear their headspace and to help let go of the emotional traumas which build up within us all. Even though we don't think they are affecting us, when we provide a platform to release, it can be overwhelming at times.

We asked our guests to share their experiences with us,



We decided to make our retreats plant-based to help our guests increase their gut health and to again reignite and demonstrate the power of what small adjustments can make. The high fibre diet helped ease the digestive system and help reduce inflammation and that feeling of bloating after meals. Some of our guests had never tried a plant-based diet before, but now, after the retreat have adopted and introduced some of the recipes into their family home.



In such a relatively short space of time our guests experienced a huge positive reaction to our retreat. Our Holistic Recovery Centre can provide you the chance to completely detox your mind and body. Enabling us to endure our day to day working lives and the pressures that we all face in our fast-paced 21st century living that little bit more.

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We cant wait to greet you at our exclusive location on one of our retreats soon!