By GymPro

We at GymPro Apparel pride ourselves in the relationships we build with our customers. Our pop-up shops really allow us to get direct feedback from our customers and we feel that we really listen and learn a lot from the experience. Our products, therefore, become tailormade to our customers’ requirements and allow us to meet and surpass market expectations.

The overwhelming features women wanted from their gym leggings when we asked were:

  • Had to be squat proof and not see-through.
  • Had to support their silhouette and feel secure when working out. (some women reported to us that certain brands had fallen down when working out)
  • High waisted with support.
  • Stylish and fashionable as now leggings are worn both in and out of the gym.


The overwhelming features women wanted from the gym bras when we asked were:

  • Had to provide at least a medium level of support. (especially for the bigger bust)
  • Had to move and stretch with the body and provide a high level of comfort.
  • Again, stylish and fashionable as now gym bras are worn both in and out of the gym.

The Rai Seamless Range was designed with all these expectations in mind. The Rai Seamless leggings are not only high waisted and ultra-supportive, but they can be folded for a medium support position if you so wish. Making them the most versatile fit on the market. The seamless design and extra supportive material blend ensure a high supportive feel which gives you confidence when working out in even the most vigorous environments. Keeping the branding subtle with dyed to match high gloss gel which adds a level of sophistication to their design.


 The Rai Seamless Bras (Berry, Navy and Black) were also designed with our customers’ requirements in mind. The supports cup design creates medium support which can be removed if required. The seamless material blend provides both ease of movement and comfort. The branded metallic shoulder straps add that level of high fashion and design and gives a silky feel across the shoulder line. Following on from the leggings the branding chosen was dyed to match high gloss gel for that level of sophistication. The three different back features across the colourways offers variety in the range that makes it difficult not to choose all three.

We at GymPro Apparel are proud of The Rai Seamless Range and are confident in its ability to offer our customers everything they ever wanted in a seamless workout set. All you have to do now is make a choice, Navy, Black or Berry?