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GymPro And Evolv


You already know that human health is at the forefront of our thought processes here at GymPro. Teaming up and partnering with like minded individuals and brands who share our passion and mindset is a huge fundamental part of our growth.

 Evolv Generation is no exception to this ethos. Co founders Tina and Jess are too passionate and dedicated young moms and business owners. They understand the modern struggle of finding a work/life balance. The importance of finding the motivation and consistency both for yourself and for your family.

 The gym is becoming more and more of a time luxury and more and more people following the pandemic are turning towards home workouts. Creating access to health and fitness online combined with their energy and personality has proven a winning combination.

 “We provide live, online, daily zoom fitness classes, which are safe, effective and fun. You can login to our service anywhere in the world, don't worry, no equipment is needed. Our fully qualified instructors will be your daily motivation running you through a variety of workouts suitable for everyone. If you are looking for a place to tone up, build muscle, increase stamina, improve flexibility, develop core strength, boost your energy levels and self confidence or loose weight, Evolv Generation has got your back. We are already inspiring a new movement in home workouts and have clients shouting out their success stories. So why not ditch the gym and workout daily with us online?”

GymPro and Evolv will be working closely together and offering exclusive packages, seminars and retreats in the near future.

 This holistic approach to our lives we feel is paramount in our goal for living healthier for longer.


 You can read more about Evolv and hear some of the testimonials from their clients on the link below.


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