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Performance Clothing Designed for Athletes by Firemen

Performance Clothing Designed for Athletes by Firemen

Leon Judge and Adam Rai played an active role in the health and fitness watch at Erdington Fire Station in Birmingham for 17 whole years. They shared a lot of out-of-work activities throughout this time but what really created a bond between them was their love and passion for anything fitness.

The two former firefighters grew a particular interest in a specific range of performance clothing created by Nike. “Nike Pro” represented the athletes’ journey and embodied their mindset. However, due to the RRP of the ranges, the designs weren’t as accessible as Leon and Adam had hoped.

This was the turning point for the entrepreneurial duo. They discovered a gap in the market for performance clothing suitable for professional athletes and for individuals with a professional approach to their training and lifestyles but at a more reasonable price.

            GymPro Founders Leon Judge and Adam Rai

And this is how GymPro was born.

“Not only that, but we also wanted to take what we had learned from the Fire Service,” says Adam Rai

 “Embedding ourselves within the local community was key to capturing our audience. Whether that meant doing pop-up shops at local venues or holding larger fitness events and retreats, we wanted to create a brand that was actively in front of people. Helping people. Supporting people. Motivating people.”

Building a gym family is what the two Founders had in mind when they started working out a business plan, which makes local communities at the core of their current branding. The task they took upon is set to not just display clothing styles on racks and online but in a way, to be alive and connect people, neighbours and strangers.

 Adam Rai and Leon Judge with boxer Chris Eubank Jr.

“Working with young local athletes was also an important part of our brand and learning how we could support each other to show people what it actually took to become a successful sportsperson. We knew how important their clothing was to them. The very fact that they spend the majority of their lives in their active gear demonstrated how imperative it was for us to get it right,” adds Leon Judge. 

GymPro is not just budding sports stars. They are looking to collaborate with local personal trainers and gym and studio facilities. Anyone with a professional attitude and approach to their health and fitness will be welcome to the GymPro family.

“Our obsession with human health and performance is what inspires us everyday to be as creative as possible with our brand and the people we meet along the way.”


The GymPro family

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