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Is bad news taking its toll

Is bad news taking its toll

Is No News Good News?

As part of a mental health series during this latest round of lockdown we bring our first brain hack to a better future together.

 In light of the current, global situation is it any surprise that many of us are suffering a level of depressive state of mind? Especially with the constant lure of negative headlines published what seems to be every hour of every day! Our depression is starting to become addictive!


 So is it time to switch off?

 This may be a idealistic thought, especially with constant push notifications that dominate our social media feeds. A principle called the ‘availability heuristic’ dictates that the more readily we can bring an event to mind, the higher we rate the likelihood of the same thing happening again. So we can counter these negative messages by actively seeking out positive stories or stories of achievements we would like to make ourselves. So start searching  for what you actually want to see.

 If your still struggling to unplug from your daily dose of bad news. Then by far the best combat is to get active. And at GymPro we’re here to help.


  1. Running – Aerobic exercise boosts levels of inhibitory brain chemicals, inducing a state of calm. 
  2. Walking/Hiking -  Just a 90 minute nature walk reduces neural activity in the part of the brain associated with mental distress. 
  3. Yoga – we all know about the benefits physically. But just 15 minutes of yoga and meditation can reverse stress induced changes in genes linked to our mood.

 So whenever your in the mood for a shot of daily negativity, cross over to our GymPro community page and check out your latest daily wellness treat instead. Sounds like a headline we actually want to hear!


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