Made to Move with Sarah White & GymPro Apparel

By GymPro
Freedom through Movement with Sarah White
This week we’re excited to meet up with Sarah White and share with you her story and fitness journey.
As always with our GymPro ambassadors, who encapsulate our ethos and beliefs, we want to know what makes them tick and how they got started on their chosen career paths. Sometimes it can be enthralling and an exciting story, and sometimes it can show us all that these amazing people share common experiences and insecurities about themselves that we’re all going through or have all felt at some point in our lives. 
We hope it brings us all closer together and encourages us to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life together. #gymprofamily
We feel this small quote from Sarah really sums up her passion for sharing her knowledge and experience, and the huge impact it had on her mind and body.
“Hi, I’m Sarah White a certified yoga teacher and callisthenics coach. In 2016 yoga changed my life. As soon as I realised what a profound effect it was having on my life off the mat, I knew I wanted to assist people down the same path of self-realisation.”
Sarah really promotes an embodied practice that encourages movements that feel good from within rather than following set rules or patterns. She understands that what feels good for one doesn’t necessarily feel good for another. This ethos has really created a strong connection with her audience out in Dubai and beyond. We truly believe this is one of the main reasons why so many people can relate and follow her methods easily.
Now let us hear from Sarah in more detail about her fitness story and what the future holds for her fast growing business....
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