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Move with GymPro and Movement-Decoded

Move with GymPro and Movement-Decoded

Move with GymPro and Movement-Decoded

As you guys know at GymPro we try to bring to you as many benefits to your health and fitness as possible. We are always looking for individuals who embody the essence of our brand and share our passion for human health and longevity together with the health of our planet.
Over the next few weeks and months we are going to be introducing some new athletes and asking them to share their stories and reasons behind why they do what they do.
We are so honoured, proud and excited that they have agreed to go on this journey with us  together, and we hope that by doing so they can improve the way we all think about our bodies and consider and challenge the way we think about our training.
Without further ado let us first introduce you to CJ. A creative movement artist from Manchester. Owner and founder of www.movementdecoded.com

We think this quote from CJ really sums up his thoughts and passions for movement,
“Creativity in Motion, Embodied Movement combines a multitude of movement cultures such as: dance, martial arts, yoga, calisthenics and acrobatics, as well as tuning into our inner rhythm, musicality, and our emotions. Expect complete holistic transformation from this art form, leaving you with a deeper understanding of the self inside and out whilst bettering the alignment of your physicality.”
Movement is quintessential for life. The way we move dictates our body shape. The way we think about movement shapes our ability and limitations on our bodies. When we think about how we function on a day to day basis and we are in a constant dynamic process both in our mind and in our body. We all must try to take this into consideration when training and being active and move more towards function rather than aesthetics.
Let us now take you deeper into our discussions with CJ and share with you his full interview
Here at GymPro we are always trying to design and create collections that allow you to express yourselves freely. We understand the power and influence of when we think positively about ourselves and have the confidence in our clothing, it can have profound affects on our performance.
So if we’re all going to move and move with more freedom, why not move in style? Move in GymPro!
#gymprofamily #releasetheathletewithin
For more information on CJ and what he does please see links below,

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