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Staying Fit and Healthy During Lockdown - GymPro's Top Tips

Staying Fit and Healthy During Lockdown - GymPro's Top Tips

 We want to help our GymPro community stay physically and mentally fit during these difficult times. 

 As the COVID-19 lockdown continues to keep many of us at home, it can be easy to fall into bad habits. The detrimental psychological and physical effects of lockdown are well documented

During these difficult times, your mental and physical health need a bit of support. So, we’ve gathered together some ideas and teamed up with some amazing life and fitness gurus on how to stay healthy during lockdown. Hopefully, they can give you some inspiration as the lockdown continues.

We want to focus on these 6 ways to help you get through lockdown maintaining your physical and mental health.

Ease yourself into home work outs with online classes 

We have teamed up with 2 amazing online fitness brands to give you access to home workouts and live group workouts.

 Evolv Generation - Live daily workouts

Founders of Evolv Generation Tina and Jess are super passionate about fitness and wellbeing.  They offer a wide range of live fitness classes via zoom for anyone who would like to get fit in the comfort of their own space.  If you are the type of person that needs someone to motivate you to work out and achieve your goals this is the answer for you.

Evolv Generations journey began at the beginning of lockdown. Tina and Jess started to workout together via zoom and realised that they could invite friends and family to join us. From this, we have grown into a small community and business we wish to continue after lockdown. Our passion for fitness and health drives the development of Evolv and we are always looking for new ways to keep you moving. We are addicted to the energy that is brought to every live workout and are big believers in the evolution of personal growth. 

 This month Evolv are offering half price membership!!!!

 Click the link for more for more information on joining the Evolve community. – https://www.evolvgeneration.com


Everyone Active – Everyone On Demand

 Get FREE access to over 2500 workouts via Everyone on Demand*

Join the revolution in fitness, Everyone On Demand provides you with the largest, unique fitness package of on demand fitness classes anywhere.

Why have one app when Everyone On Demand can give you access to FOUR award winning & best apps available.

Sign up today and get FREE access throughout November.

Why you need Everyone On Demand

  • Over 2,500+ workouts and classes
  • No contract
  • Unlimited access
  • All your favourite classes – Yoga, HIIT, Combat, Dance, Strength and much more
  • Fresh new classes and workouts continually added
  • Wide range no matter your age or ability
  • Workout how you want, when you want and where ever you want to
  • Available on smart phones and tablets (iOS & Android) – view on your laptop or on your TV
  • No equipment needed – workouts with or without weights or other equipment
  • Access to the NHS approved app, EXI


 Ease into Yoga 

Sarah White is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Calisthenics Coach. In 2016 yoga changed Sarah’s life. As soon as she realised what a profound effect it was having on her life off and on the mat, she knew she wanted to assist people down the same path of self-realisation.

You can practice with Sarah online via her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=sarah+white+yoga

 Sarah is fully aware of the impact lockdown can have on persons fitness and mental health and wants to step in to help out during the crisis as much as possible.  Sarah has put together a self help guide with all her flows broken down into categories for easy access.  There are classes for beginners and advanced yogis and they are all free!!!

 Email: leon.judge@gymproapparel.com for access to Sarah’s yoga guide.

Yoga is another method of exercise which is great for the mind as well as the body. Yoga is perfect for beginners as well as more advanced. You also don’t need much space to be Yoga ready or to practice. Especially during these testing times Yoga can relax the mind and stop over thinking that the uncertainty has caused. 

Use your time outside wisely by going for a run or walk

Going outside for an hour near to your home for a run or walk is not only fine during lock down it’s encouraged in some quarters.  Running or walking every day is great for the mind as well as the heart. A great suggestion is to track where you run or walk every day and try beat the previous time. This keeps motivation high as well as improving fitness week to week. Also, walking is great for every type of person no matter where they on their fitness journey.

Beat the gym blues by acquiring your own home mini gym 

Some of us are missing the gym but there are lots of fitness companies out there providing gym equipment we can use at home. From gym mats and dumbbells to pull up bars. Whether you have the space or not, this is a great chance to create your gym routine right at home. This isn’t for everyone and in all honestly you don’t need equipment to keep up with your fitness routine, but this can be good for those of us missing pulling weights.

Feel good with just body weight exercises 

Body weight exercises are not only a great way to maintain those “gains” and general fitness but it’s a great introductory method to those of us new to working out. Using our own weight for squats, push ups and different variants can give you a real burn and sweat if completed in the right format. It’s important to have low rest periods during each set or exercise as you’ll get the most out of this type of exercise this way.   

 Explore the world of fitness apps 

Using fitness videos and daily classes might not be your thing. Choosing a fitness app can be a game-changer for some. Fitness apps gives users everything they need to know when starting out on their fitness journey by giving detailed information on exercise routines as well as what you should be eating every day. Fitness apps can create tailor-made plans that align with what you want to achieve. They can also assist with your own work out routine, whether that’s small tweaks or other changes.  


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