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Covid and Obesity – Its time to get ACTIVE!

Covid and Obesity – Its time to get ACTIVE!

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges around the world. Apart from the health risks of the coronavirus, the food we eat, the way we work and how physically active we are have all been changed and impacted in ways hardly imaginable a year ago.

 But that being said we cannot run away from the fact that it is our responsibility to both ourselves and our family to maintain the heathiest lifestyle possible. We cannot compound the problems we are facing. We have to come together, help each other and find the motivation to get up and get moving.

 First the hard facts to digest.

  •  Over 60% of the uk population is now overweight or obese. This percentage is rising year on year!
  • Over 35% of children aged 10-11 are now overweight or obese. This percentage is rising year on year!
  • Stored fat leads to high levels of inflammation, which can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system, and it’s possible that fat stored around the middle of the body could make the lungs less efficient in the face of a viral infection. Evidence on the link between COVID-19 and obesity is rapidly increasing, with research in the UK suggesting that people with obesity are three times as likely to need intensive care following the development of COVID-19.

 There is no doubt that the lockdown and restrictions have exacerbated the problem but If we do not get the message soon and start to make small changes to our lives then we can all see the damage this is causing and going to continue to cause in the near future. This will far out way the death rate and strain to the nhs compared to covid.

 Now the good news. Here at GymPro we want to make it as easy as practically possible to make some small changes. We want to help motivate you to make the right decisions each day. We all know how easy it is to go shopping, make healthy choices and then cook as a family together and enjoy a healthy meal. The problem is that it is just as easy and sometimes even easier to drive to or have delivered fast food and unhealthy meals. And this is the dilemma we all face everyday. Its this Slight Edge decision making that means the difference between the stats we see above and living long healthy lives together.

 Our community page is packed with healthy blog hacks together with our fitness advice and events starting back up next year. We also have free access to our ambassadors who are always free to contact who can help guide you and give any advice you may need. Whether it be diet and nutrition, movement or injury prevention or full blown exercise routines and 1-1 packages, we have got you covered.

 Below are links to our ambassadors who are always available to contact directly about any issues or help that you need to get started on your fitness journey.


 Justin - https://www.instagram.com/jricorichards/

Kate - https://www.instagram.com/kateportlock_/

Sarah - https://www.instagram.com/sar_white/

Cj - https://www.instagram.com/movementdecoded/

Cristina - https://www.instagram.com/cristina.st_shapes/

porgy - https://www.instagram.com/fitwithgeorgi/



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