Healthier Water – Are All Waters Equal?

By GymPro

When it comes to water, we might think we know everything or we might think there’s nothing to know. At the end of the day, water’s water right?

 Well, before we get stuck in, lets remind ourselves of some interesting facts.

  • 60% of the human body is comprised of water
  • The brain and heart are approx. 73% water
  • The lungs are approx. 83% water
  • Your skin is 64% water
  • Your muscles are 79% water
  • Your bones are also a watery 31% water

That should have reinforced its importance to us and have us running to refill our bottles. There is simply no biological function that can be performed or performed efficiently without the presence of water.

 The single most important thing you can do each day to affect your physiological and biological performance is to drink more water. That being said it might not be as simple as turning on the tap and drinking.


Tap water around the world differs greatly. In fact, I’m sure we can all recollect a family trip or holiday to a different area of the country and noticed the difference in taste, clarity, even feel of the local water supply. Hard water, soft water, cloudier water. These subtle differences can have quite an affect on our skin, energy, sleep patterns and even bowel movements. As we’ve highlighted above, our human function is affected greatly by the water we take in. Moreover, the quality of the water we take in!

3 Letters. TDS – Total Dissolved Solids. The TDS level of water is displayed on all water and shows the level of healthy minerals, such as magnesium and potassium. Water naturally needs minerals and looks to seek out and absorb these minerals and then the body absorbs them for all its basic functions and beyond. The higher the TDS level generally the higher the quality of the water. Some water with extremely high TDS levels are even used for medication as a way of healing the body.

However, in turn, the lower the level or in fact if the water is labelled ‘pure’ then water will actively seek out these minerals and extract them from your body having an adverse effect. Whenever you see a label ‘pure water’ we should all avoid it at all costs. This is simply boiled tap water.

To cut to the chase we’ve highlighted below some great bottled water with medium to high TDS levels that both re hydrate and re energise the body.

  1. Hildon Mineral Water
  2. Fiji Mineral Water
  3. Core
  4. Harrogate Spring Water

So the next time we’re on the run at lunchtime and we reach for the bottled water that we all think is the right choice, which it is we might add, take a quick glance at the label and make an even healthier choice.

Take a bit of time to appreciate it. Taste it. Enjoy it. Because almost all of your body will thank you for it.